Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Interior decorator I am not, BUT, I cannot help being more than little bit excited to see our little Lowrie's room coming together. I would call it the nursery but 'someone' thinks that sounds gay, and so we will stick with 'baby room'.

Duh Duh and Lolly came over last night and put together Little Man's crib. Combined with the new uber comfy chair from Grammy and Papa in Alaska, I feel I can safely share some pictures. Keep in mind it is not complete yet, but very very close.

This weekend we will actually take the infant carrier/car seat out the closet and attempt to acutally put it in the car. Just to practice, you understand. ;) I can just see the nurses giggling at us in the parking lot as we repeatedly attempt to get the seat in the car while trying to retain a small shred of dignity. So practice we will!

Only 3 more weeks until he 'could' arrive. 6 more until he is 'supposed' to arrive. We are hoping for something in the middle. We keep telling him that, but I am not sure if he really gets it. I guess we'll see.


Matanuska Girl said...

...at first glance, I thought, wow what a lovely (non-gay) room for the little lowrie addition. But then it struck me - something is missing.

a katharine mary original. yep. that's what it is.


Abby Grace said...

Hey Liz! It's Katy Byrne here. The baby room is precious. You all did a great job. Our little girl came 3 weeks early, so be ready! We are really excited for you guys. You're going to love it!

Josh Briscoe said...

Ha! we never had a chance to try the car seat out (against my constant nagging) and waited until our very last day at the hospital to have Selah and Mike come fix it for us! Congratulations for being on top of things. BTW, my texts nor my e-mails seem to be getting through to you... I wonder why?

Josh Briscoe said...

and this is marian.... I don't know how I got signed in as Josh