Thursday, May 31, 2007


i am a firm believer that everyone has a twin out there somewhere. not that everyone sees theirs in their lifetime, but on occasion it can happen. mine happens to be in a band, and therefore more 'public' than most. luckily, my friend bexes (becki, to the layman), chanced upon my twin online. I have posted her picture (her = my twin, not bexes) for your review. and i have just noticed that there is no picture of me to compare it to... apologies, maybe later when it is not 530 and i have to fight traffic to get home.

also, check out my twin's band "Rue Royale" on myspace

I like their sound... but then again, we are related, so I kinda have to, right?

1 comment:

monica said...

wow that is freaky.
i mean, that's you.

hey, i miss you.