Monday, March 26, 2007

Cheese pizza; it's not just for breakfast anymore..

So maybe only my dear friend Sean Richardson will find this blog funny (or maybe not; he DID call me a 'dork' when I told him I was certain to blog about this very subject). That aside, did anyone else at SGC notice the odd powerpoint background in the service yesterday? At first glance, I ascertained that it was a close up of the inside of a petri dish, however, after further hushed deliberation, Sean and I concluded that it was, in fact a close up of a tasty cheese pizza. Which of course produced quiet, yet controlled giggling, as bible verse after bible verse was projected onto the greasy screen. The 'wheels off' (thanks Gordo, for that glorious phrase) moment of the morning happened near the end, when our camera guy transposed the image of the pastor onto the cheese pizza background. I elbowed Sean and after a brief glance at the screen, we immediately scrunched down into the 'deep seated prayer' position, and laughed like people do when they are trying to be silent but something is very very funny. Where tears stream down your face and you shake. People behind us must have thought that we were both very touched by the message, and were crying for repentance. But really, it was just the cheese pizza.


monica said...

that cheese pizza blesses me. add me to your blog links NOW.

becki said...